Deirdre Toomey, LMBT, NC License #11494
Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.


Being able to relax is a true necessity.

Living under constant stress steals nutrients from important systems in our bodies that aren't considered important by our nervous systems' fight-or-flight responses. The Digestion, Immunity, and Reproductive systems all suffer when we don't get the chance to truly relax and let go. Not to mention how difficult it can be to make good decisions when our minds are overwhelmed with stress!

I use a combination of Swedish, gentle Myofascial, and Hot Stone techniques to melt away stress held in the body.

If you're not sure what all these terms mean: Swedish Massage tends to leave people feeling "warm, loose, and fluffy", while Myofascial Massage tends to leave people feeling "long, light, and loose".